Water Briefings

The Collaboratory strives to provide the community with educational resources on water related topics. This section contains documents that have been made by members of the Collaboratory to aid in the understanding of water issues that affect the Greater Pittsburgh Region.  We will continue to post new Briefings as they are developed.

In the Fight Against Tooth Decay: May the Fluoride Be With You!

Joanne Prasad, Helen Hawkey, Merrilynn Marsh, Megan Guy, and Dan Bain

Pittsburgh Water Collaboratory, PA Coalition for Oral Health, and the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine collaborated together to create an educational resource for fluoridation status in Pennsylvania. You can learn more about fluoridiation in our report and learn about community wate fluoridation status in Pennsylvannia through our interactive map.

An Insight into Water Affordability in Allegheny County

Amanda Zelnis, Dr. Jamil Bey, Caitlin Schroering

UrbanKind Institute

To keep up with aging infrastructure and previously deferred maintenance, many of the water and sewer authorities in Allegheny County have been forced to raise utility bills. Rate increases threaten the affordability of water and sewer services for financially vulnerable households. Water and sewer unaffordability is a known barrier to water and sanitation access and implicates other public health, wellbeing, and safety concerns. Water and Sewer Affordability: An Insight into Water Equity in Allegheny County seeks to quantify water and sewer affordability in Allegheny County and theorize possible correlates of unaffordability

Storm Water Utilities and Home Rule

Julie Darden, Dan Bain

Storm Water Utilities and Home Rule explains how home rule can help create a storm water utility fee that would raise funds for green infrastructure projects and subsequently improve water quality. 



Road Inputs Dominate Lake Sediment Chemistry in Pittsburgh

Memphis Hill, Dan Bain

Road Inputs Dominate Lake Sediment Chemistry examines bottom sediments from a pond in Harmar Township for patterns in order to construct a history of heavy metal contamination sources.



Green Infrastructure, Ancient Rivers, and Historical Fill in Pittsburgh

Angela Mullins, Dan Bain

Green Infrastructure, Ancient Rivers, and Historical Fill looks at infiltration trenches in Bartlett Meadow to determine the ability of green infrastructure to divert storm water.



Topography Affects Damage to Urban Structures

Tyler Rohan, Eitan Shelef

The question "How does topography affect damage to urban structures including sewer lines?" is addressed by exploring topography, land cover, and socioeconomic parameters in Pittsburgh.