Prior Reports on Regional Water Issues

There have been a number of water management initiatives and reports dedicated to southwestern Pennsylvania.  These publications reflect the ongoing robust conversation surrounding water issues in the region.  They are compiled below for ease of access.

A Watershed Primer for Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania Environmental Council)

Plumbing the Future (Environmental Law Institute,1999) 

Regional Cooperation for Water Quality Improvement in Southwestern PA (National Research Council, 2005) 

Regional Water Management Task Force (University of Pittsburgh Institute of Politics, 2006-2009) 

Southwestern Pennsylvania's Water Quality Problems and How to Address Them Regionally (University of Pittsburgh Institute of Politics, 2007) 

Ohio River Basin Comprehensive Reconnaissance Report (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 2009) 

Pittsburgh's H2Opportunity: An Assessment of Southwestern Pennsylvania's Water Sector (Pittsburgh World Environment Day Partnership, 2010)

Sustainable Water Innovation Initiative for Southwestern Pennsylvania (Water Innovation Consortia Planning Committee, 2012) 

Final Pennsylvania Integrated Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment Report (DEP, 2016) 

Southwestern Pennsylvania Sustainability Goals + Indicators Report (Sustainable Pittsburgh, 2016)

Robust Storm Water Management in the Pittsburgh Region (RAND, 2017)

Ohio River Basin Report (U.S Army Corps of Engineers and Ohio River Basin Alliance, 2017)