Person taking water samples


Through Collaboratory participation, our alumni have learned technical and professional skills to become the next generation of water leaders. Learn more about our alumni below.

Graduate Water Collaboratory Alumni

Name Degree Earned Year
Tyler Rohan Ph.D. 2023
Becca Matecha Ph.D. 2023
Kelly Hyde Ph.D. 2022
Júlio Ramos Caineta Ph.D. 2022
Marja Copeland Ph.D. 2022
Becky Forgrave Ph.D. 2022
Becky Tisherman Ph.D. 2022
Lisa Stabryla Ph.D. 2021
Ben Hedin Ph.D. 2021
Angela Mullins Ph.D. 2020
Sarah Cook Masters 2019
Angela H. Chung Masters 2019

Undergraduate Water Collaboratory Alumni

Name Project Year
Sumana Murugan Churchill Valley Greenway: A Part of the Chalfant Run Watershed 2023
Emelia Sargent Pittsburgh's Three Rivers and Their Tributaries 2023
Andrew Clarke Acid Mine Drainage and the Chalfant Run/Thompson Run Watershed 2022
Sumana Murugan Analysis of Water Quality at Fern Hollow Creek during construction of Fern Hollow Bridge from June 2022 to August 2022 2022
Aaron Carr River Color and Quality Changes in the Greater Pittsburgh Region 2021
Justin Fekete Recommendations for Pittsburgh City Council: On Affordable Housing & Floodwater Mitigation Strategies 2021
Taylor Laing Spatial Analysis of Nutrient Waste Discharged at Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs) 2021
Clara Weibel (Counter) Narratives of Extraction in SW PA: challenging portrayals of the region through mapping and storytelling 2020
Amanda Zelnis Water and Sewer Affordability: An Insight into Water Equity in Allegheny County 2020
Katelyn Meyer Using fluorescent dissolved organic matter (FDOM) to analyze how the chemical makeup of Nine Mile Run 2020
Mayssa Gregoire Identifying Tap Water Sampling Sizes that Improve Assessment of Lead in Public Water Systems 2020
Kaylie Jones Baseline Water Quality Assessment of Girty's Run 2019
Michelle Kim Water Quality in Areas Impacted by Surface Mining in Allegheny County 2019
Kayla Maurer Streets Run Watershed Property Acquisition Report 2018
Aidan Conway Streets Run Watershed and the Effects of Urbanization, Abandoned Mine Drainage, and Nitrogen Eutrophication on Water Quality 2018