Collaboratory Summer Internship

The Pittsburgh Collaboratory for Water Research, Education, and Outreach at the University of Pittsburgh hosts multiple Pitt undergraduates for paid summer research internships each summer. The interns work with a partner organization that interacts with water systems (e.g., NGOs, municipality, agency, community, or other water practitioners), as well as an advisor to conduct independent research related to water. We will begin information sessions on the summer internship beginning Fall 2021 with applications due in March 2022. Summer Water Interns are paid a stipend by the Pittsburgh Water Collaboratory with generous support from the University Honors College, Water Scholars Community.  For more information on past summer intern work, learn more through their reports.


Seeking Community Partners!

Each summer, interns conduct independent research projects in partnership with a community organization and faculty advisor. If you have a project idea, data hanging around, or analyses that you think would make a good project, please let us know! Summer water interns are highly motivated undergraduates who are selected through a competitive application process to conduct research benefiting a community partner. Community partners help identify research needs, assist with mentoring interns, and help make sure that products and deliverables are as useful as possible.

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Seeking Faculty Advisors!

If you have an idea for a research project that may benefit a community partner organization, please let us know.  We need faculty advisors to mentor and guide Summer Water Interns in their research in collaboration with community partners.

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