Pittsburgh Point Park from the river



The Pittsburgh Water Collaboratory was initiated by faculty in the Department of Geology & Environmental Science in 2017. In January 2018, funding was received from the Heinz Endowments. Since funded, the Water Collaboratory has conducted extensive outreach efforts to gauge research needs in the region with respect to key water challenges: water quality, green infrastructure, and flooding. These outreach efforts resulted in a series of three community consensus reports documenting input from over 200 participants and set the stage for the University of Pittsburgh to become a major force in advancing environmental and economic sustainability in the region.

Our Vision 

We aspire to create a platform where community and science meet to improve and sustain water resources by catalyzing collaborations to identify needs and advance research, incorporating science into decision making, cultivating future water leaders, and advancing the University of Pittsburgh’s role as a leader in water research, education, and outreach.

Our Mission

Elevate water resource sustainability and resilience by fostering research collaborations, communicating knowledge, innovating solutions, and improving the health of the Upper Ohio River basin.

Who do we work with?

The Pittsburgh Water Collaboratory consists of the leadership team, graduate students, affiliated faculty, undergrad interns, researchers, and community partners. We work with a variety organizations in various sectors across the Pittsburgh region. 

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